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Tiago Sousa loaned out to Avanca

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Futebol Clube do Porto has managed to find a loan for another of its young prospects. This time, the player loaned out is young line player Tiago Sousa, who will wear the jersey of Associação Artística de Avanca, in search of more playing time and more experience.

Tiago Sousa, 19 years old, made his debut at Gondomar Cultural, where he took his first steps as a handball player. He moved four years later to Dragon Force Futebol Clube, where he would stay for only one year, and then follow his path to Futebol Clube do Porto.

Tiago remained with Porto for the rest of his young career, with the exception of a short stint, last season, at Associação Desportiva e Académica da Maia – ISMAI, where he participated in 24 games, scoring 35 goals. He also played five games in Porto during the current season, scoring three goals.

Speaking to 7Metros, the line player, who has also been a regular presence in Portugal‘s national youth teams and who represented our country in the 2019 U19 World Cup and the European U18 competition, explained his move to Avanca:

“What made me move from Porto to Avanca was to create more game routine. I had played in Porto but I wanted more playing time. Of course I won’t make it to Avanca and start right away… I’ll have to work for that. But I think I’ll have more space and I’ll work for that and also to continue my evolution in Avanca, so that in the near future, who knows, I can return to Porto again”.

“Regarding the expectations of the championship, I don’t have much 1st Division experience, but I have many years of experience watching handball and it will be a different season, a different model, because now it’s a bit like football, i.e. there are no more first, second and final phases. Now it’s one competition and every point is important. If it was important before, every game now is even more important, because it’s always counting and there will be no point division, as there was before. So it’s game by game. And in this case in Avanca, we will fight for as many points as possible, to achieve the goals the team has set for itself”.

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