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IHF Men’s World Championship: Ties mark the day


On the third day of the IHF Men’s World Championship there were 8 matches, where it was predicted a natural advantage of some European teams, namely Spain and Croatia, which were surprised by Brazil and Japan respectively.

Group A

Germany – Uruguay

The German national team entered with favoritism to face the Uruguay team. With a very voluminous result – like yesterday in Slovenia-South Korea, 51-29 – Germany stamped its first victory by 43-14. At half-time they already won by 16-4.
Timo Kastening was the best scorer of the match with 9 goals in 11 shots, already on the side of Uruguay the most enlightened was Diego Morandeira with 4 goals in 7 shots.
The German goalkeepers who finished with 59% of the total were Johannes Bitter with 9 defenders and 13 shots and Silvio Heinevetter with 11 defenses in 21 shots.

Hungary – Cape Verde

A game where the favouritism once again fell on the European team, although the eyes of the Portuguese were on the 7 Cape Verdean national team athletes who play in the Portuguese championships and the remaining 4 available had long spells in Portugal.

The “Blue Sharks” performed only with 11 players because players like Bruno Landim – right full-back of Sporting Club da Horta, Rafflino Andrade – right full-back of Artística de Avanca, Elledy Semedo – first line of Madeira SAD and Fernando Dias – athlete of Boa Hora FC, are in Portugal waiting for the result of new tests to COVID-19 to join their team in Egypt.

Still the Cape Verdeans did not lower their arms, after a less successful entry, they suffered a 5-0 partial, they reacted with a 0-4 partial, with Gualter Furtado opening the hostilities. Despite the fight, the very fierce defense, the fatigue was felt and the result was growing in favor of Hungary.

The final result was fixed at 19-14 at the interval, fixed at 34-27 at the end of 60 minutes.

Note the excellent note for a debut of the Cape Verdean selection, despite all the constraints.

The most obvious player with MVP distinction was Gabor Ancsin with 7 goals, from the “visitors” side the highlight goes to Leandro Semedo with 6 goals.

Image IHF

Group B

Spain – Brazil

The match between Spain and Brazil was one of the surprises of this third day of competition. The Spaniards, two-time in a row European champions and chronic candidates for the title, faced and (had to sweat) to draw against the “wounded” team of Brazil.

The Brazilians had casualties like: Marcus Oliveira – head coach, Thiagus Petrus – defensive specialist of FC Barcelona, perhaps the most quoted Brazilian in the world of handball, Felipe Borges – left winger with a past in Sporting CP, Leonardo Terçariol – goalkeeper of BM Benidorm Spain.

Despite all these casualties and all the conditioning factors faced by the Brazilian national team, Leonardo Bortolini‘s men entered the match well – with a strong, cohesive defence and several quick exits.

A strong entry from the “visitors”, 0-4, made Spain react and managed to get into the game again by drawing the game at 6 balls.

At half-time it was the Spaniards who led the scoring by 16-13 and in the second half they came back stronger reaching 6 goals, 24-18, in the 39th minute.

However, it was Brazil’s turn to react and win another draw in the final 10 minutes. The Brazilians still passed through the hand of Rogério Moraes – Veszprém’s pivot – who made the 28-29, but it was Raúl Entrerrios – FC Barcelona’s first line – who fixed the final result in 29-29.

The MVP of the match was Haniel Langaro – left-back of FC Barcelona – with 6 goals.

On the Spanish side there were several players with 4 goals scored: Joan Canellas – Pick Szeged’s first line, Ferran Solé – Paris SG’s right winger – and Angel Fernandez – Vive Kielce’s left winger.

Also noteworthy is the good performance of the goalkeepers, on the Spanish side Gonzalo Perez de Vargas – 17 defenses, 38% efficiency – and on the Brazilian side Rangel da Rosa – 12 defenses, 30% efficiency.

Tunisia – Poland

In the second game of group B “balance” was the watchword. It was the Polish team that entered better but quickly the Tunisian team managed to react and pass the marker.

At half-time, the result smiled at the “locals” who won by 3 balls, 11-8.

The second half had a reverse start to the first: it was the Tunisian team that got in better – and extended the advantage – but the Polish team got the better of themselves and won the turning point in the 26th minute with Moryto Arkadiusz doing the 15-16.

Successive draws and 1/2 goal advantage for Poland left the final result uncertain. The last goal was scored by Jihed Jaballah who set the score 28-30.

The MVP of the match was Arkadiusz Moryto – athlete of Vive Kielce – with 11 goals in 11 shots. On the Tunisian side the best scorer was Mosbah Sanai – athlete of Steaua București – with 9 goals in 10 shots.

Image IHF

Group C

Qatar – Angola

Qatar was the first team to win in Group C, after beating the Angolan team by 30-25.

At half-time the advantage already smiled on the team as “local”, by the minimum margin of 14-13.

In the second half, Frankis Carol‘s team, Sporting CP’s athlete, managed to get some margin in the scoreboard but Elias Antonio‘s team, Madeira SAD’s athlete, couldn’t be beaten easily.

The Angolans began to find it more difficult to overcome the very experienced Danijel Šarić – 43 years old, three teams and many medals on the palms – and Ahmad Madadi with 8 goals in 9 shots to be decisive and to deserve the distinction as MVP.

In the game that was initially guided by the Portuguese Duarte Santos and Ricardo Fonseca, there was a somewhat “caricato” episode – at 44 minutes and 31 seconds of the game the Portuguese were subdued due to an injury of Ricardo Fonseca in the left leg, failing to ascertain the seriousness of it we hope it will resolve quickly.

Croatia – Japan

Like the game between Spain and Brazil, this was another game where the European team had a natural favouritism, but even this did not make the Japanese afraid to face the European runners-up.

The Croatians were the first to score but by the 11th minute Japan had already won by 5 balls, 2-7.

The Japanese kept the advantage, with a solid defence, they caused many difficulties to the Croatian attack – filled with stars of the world handball.

At the interval the advantage was “visitors” with the result set at 14-17.

The Croats, by the hand of Ilija Brozović – athlete of the TSV Hannover-Burgdorf – reached the draw at 23 balls at 48 minutes. This was followed by successive draws and 1 goal advantage for Japan.

Ivan Cupic avoided defeat by scoring the final result 29-29 from the 7-metre line.

Highlight the Japanese left winger – and MVP of the match – Yuto Agarie with 5 goals. On the Croatian side, pivot Marino Maric was the most enlightening with 7 goals.

Image IHF

Group D

Argentina – Republic of Congo

It was the Argentine team – in the last World Cup played jointly by the 3 brothers Simonet – that entered better and got the first lead in the scoreboard.

Throughout the first half, the Republic of Congo always fought to get the edge in the scoring. And, after successive draws, Audray Tuzolana pointed the 13-14 in favour of the “visitors” and that’s how the teams gathered in the locker room.

In the fourth minute of the second half Diego Simonet put Argentina back in front by pointing to 16-15, a lead they no longer lost.

The final result was set at 28-22.

The best scorers of the match were Federico Pizarro, Diego Simonet and Ramiro Martinez from the Argentina side with 5 goals each. On the Republic of Congo side Johan Kiangebeni Kawola was the best scorer with 7 goals.

Denmark – Bahrain

A one-way game in which the Danish national team scored from the first whistle and took the lead on the scoreboard.

At the end of the first part Mathias Gidsel – right hand side of the GOG Håndbold – pointed out the 19-10, a result which fixed itself to the interval.

The second half was managed by Denmark, who won by 14 balls, 34-20.

The best scorer and MVP of the match was Mathias Gidsel with 10 goals in 11 shots. On the Bahrain side Mohamed Ahmed was the best scorer with 8 goals in 9 shots.

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