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All-in on beach handball

All-in on beach handball

24 de December, 2020

With the growth of Portuguese beach handball in the recent past, the Handball Federation of Portugal confirmed its commitment to the sport, by presenting the technical teams of the male…

Handball is postponed again

Handball is postponed again

30 de October, 2020

The Portuguese Handball Federation has announced, together with the Portuguese Football Federation, the Portuguese Volleyball Federation, the Portuguese Basketball Federation and the Portuguese Skating Federation, that the games scheduled between…

ND Santa Joana version 2020-21

ND Santa Joana version 2020-21

16 de October, 2020

The Núcleo Desportivo Santa Joana – Maia was the last team to guarantee its place in the women’s first division in 2020-21, after having passed in second place in the Promotion playoff held in Nazaré. With a vast…

ADA São Pedro do Sul versão 2020-21

ADA São Pedro do Sul version 2020-21

15 de October, 2020

ADA São Pedro do Sul is the 13th presentation of the 7Metros Guide after winning the Promotion playoff for the women’s first division, as a result of victories over NAAL Passos Manuel and ND Santa Joana…

ARC Alpendorada version 2020-21

14 de October, 2020

After a less successful season, Associação Recreativa Cultural Alpendorada strengthened some positions, and it is going to enter 2020-21 season with a young squad and six new faces. ARCA keeps…

ASS Assomada versão 2020-21

ASS Assomada version 2020-21

13 de October, 2020

With a large part of the team staying for another season, Associação Solidariedade Social Assomada enters the 2020-21 season with only four new faces, three of which come from Cape…

Juve Lis

Juve Lis version 2020-21

12 de October, 2020

After finishing in 10th place at the time that the championship was interrupted by Covid-19, Juventude Desportiva do Lis, sought to strengthen the team so that in 2020-21 they could…

CA Leça version 2020-21

CA Leça version 2020-21

11 de October, 2020

The Leça da Palmeira Handball Club, after finishing last season in ninth place, kept a large part of its squad and enters 2020-21 with just two reinforcements. Coach Pedro Borges…


ABC/UMINHO version 2020-21

10 de October, 2020

After reaching eighth place last season, ABC / UMinho enters 2020-21 with new reinforcements, continuing with a strong bet on youth. Fernando Fernandes remains in charge of the Braga team…

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