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ND Santa Joana version 2020-21

ND Santa Joana version 2020-21

16 de October, 2020

The Núcleo Desportivo Santa Joana – Maia was the last team to guarantee its place in the women’s first division in 2020-21, after having passed in second place in the Promotion playoff held in Nazaré. With a vast…

ADA São Pedro do Sul versão 2020-21

ADA São Pedro do Sul version 2020-21

15 de October, 2020

ADA São Pedro do Sul is the 13th presentation of the 7Metros Guide after winning the Promotion playoff for the women’s first division, as a result of victories over NAAL Passos Manuel and ND Santa Joana…

ARC Alpendorada version 2020-21

14 de October, 2020

After a less successful season, Associação Recreativa Cultural Alpendorada strengthened some positions, and it is going to enter 2020-21 season with a young squad and six new faces. ARCA keeps…

ASS Assomada versão 2020-21

ASS Assomada version 2020-21

13 de October, 2020

With a large part of the team staying for another season, Associação Solidariedade Social Assomada enters the 2020-21 season with only four new faces, three of which come from Cape…

Juve Lis

Juve Lis version 2020-21

12 de October, 2020

After finishing in 10th place at the time that the championship was interrupted by Covid-19, Juventude Desportiva do Lis, sought to strengthen the team so that in 2020-21 they could…

CA Leça version 2020-21

CA Leça version 2020-21

11 de October, 2020

The Leça da Palmeira Handball Club, after finishing last season in ninth place, kept a large part of its squad and enters 2020-21 with just two reinforcements. Coach Pedro Borges…


ABC/UMINHO version 2020-21

10 de October, 2020

After reaching eighth place last season, ABC / UMinho enters 2020-21 with new reinforcements, continuing with a strong bet on youth. Fernando Fernandes remains in charge of the Braga team…

SIR 1º Maio / CJB   Versão 2020-21

SIR 1º Maio / CJB version 2020-21

9 de October, 2020

 After finishing last season in seventh place when the championship was suspended due to Covid-19, the SIR 1º Maio / Academia Desportiva e Artística Colégio João de Barros guaranteed some…

CS Madeira

CS Madeira Version 2020-21

8 de October, 2020

Unanimously considered one of the greatest powerhouses in Portuguese women’s handball, Club Sports da Madeira can be proud to be, alongside Madeira SAD, the only four-time champion club in the…

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